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“Deal” Assistant

“Deal” Assistant

Part of the deals on the real estate market are made without the mediation of a broker for different reasons: a buyer acquires the property of a neighbor, brothers are transferring ideal parts of ownership, friends are negotiating on a direct deal between them, parents are gifting to their children or a family finds their dream home by themselves.

After that part of the proces, the two sides meet two main cases:

  1. Negotiation about price, terms or
  2. Management and administration of the deal.


Often negotiations are the most expensive, hard, risky and delicate part of the process of buying or selling. The lack of experience, correct information, and attention to every detail are reasons for fail and setting of hidden traps. This can be changed when there is a pre-made plan for the deal, made by the needs and goals of each side. This way every detail will be agreed on. (conditions, rights, obligations, penalties, specific clauses, banks, currencies, notaries, documents, procedures, etc.) and the guarantee for a better deal is a fact.


Managing a deal is like a puzzle with countless parts, requiring the right contacts and constant communication with banks, state and local authorities, appraisers, insurers, lawyers, notarial offices, brokers and other specialists. The administration is a large consumer of time and nerves which can never compensate for the lack of competence with the documentation of a deal. Often there are a lot of cases and changes in the conditions, corrections in existing documents or getting new from different authorities.


The service of Primo+ “DEAL ASSISTANT” solves the mentioned problems, it takes all the weight of managing and administering the deal. This way we give the participants the possibility to have control of all the micro-processes without putting in time, money and stress. This way our clients can save dozens of hours in organization activities and they can use the experience of proven specialists when negotiating and finalizing a deal.

With “DEAL ASSISTANT” you receive:

  • initial deal analysis;
  • preparing a plan for the deal;
  • legal analysis from a lawyer of all the needed documents;
  • localizing potential legal or administrative cases;
  • negotiations done from a team with commercial and legal skills;
  • a lawyer preparing the preliminary contract according to all the specifics of the deal;
  • submission and receiving of all the needed documents; communication with all the sides in the deal (lawyer, broker, bank, appraiser, notaries, etc.) organizing notary deed;
  • transferring possession;
  • finalizing payments etc.