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Sofia, zh.k. Zone B-5-3
15 Otets Paisiy Str, 1st floor
Email: office@primoplus.bg
Phone: 02 4 42 43 46; 0888 11 88 68

Veliko Tarnovo
2 Bulgaria Blvd, 2nd floor
Email: vt@primoplus.bg
Phone: 062 62 40 40; 0889 89 92 89




We work with properties but in fact we work mostly with people. The properties are a product in the life of the people as well as in the life of the brokers. A product which has its value. The property has its value in the form of comfort, style, quality of life, family surrounding profitability and many others. In the world of the real estate agents properties are assets and their management determines the quality of life. The real estate agents are gaining their experience with years so they can be trusted consultants for anyone regarding the most valued financial asset – the property.


One of the main factors for a beginner broker who wants to build a successful career in the real estate business is the surrounding. In sports every athlete levels up when he is playing with better athletes and if the surrounding is not productive the level goes down again. In Primo+ you can communicate with one of the most successful consultants on the markent and you can recieve practical knowledge from people who are successfully developing their career. In a world where technology changes whole industries for a couple of days the best decision for developing a career is where you can find everything in one place. This way you will achieve the needed speed which will taake you to your final goal in very short time.

Check out the full information on our career page so you can get familiar with the development opportunities, our trainings and many other advantages you can recieve if you are a aprt of our team.

Our mission when working with experienced brokers is to be with them through the journey of achieving every goal they set next, Whether your goal is to increase your deal count or get experience in a new segment, business planning, management of your personal finances or better balance between life and business, we work as a team so we can achieve results.
Contact us so we can talk about our programs, systems and tools which are awaiting you so they can take your business to the next level.

To be a successful consultant you need the right tools which will help you develop your business. The more automated processes there are in the business, the better you can manage it. This is way the office support is very important for the future success of anyone. On our meeting we will talk about everything you can count on.

How can you add additional deals to your production compared to the other agents on the market? This is a question which always is in front of those who want to develop a successful career. The truth is that both the successful and the unsuccessful brokers have 24 hours a day. The difference is in two main things – the level of their skills which make them more productive and the tools they use to save time.

The most common reason for brokers to lose money is that they don’t communicate with enough people as well as their previous clients. The reason why they don’t do it is that they don’t really know what to say every time they have to call. We have taken care of that too in different ways.

Often we bump into questions about development. Do i want to work as a broker or do I want to be an owner of a business. Do I want to invest in my own business and take risks so i can increase my deal count. We have taken care of that without you having to add additional risk or invest in a new business, infrastructure, logistics or brand. Using all the assets, toold, resources and knowledge in Primo+ you can develop your own team with assistants and brokers. The best thing is that there always will be someone to ask regarding the development of your business without hiring expensive trainers or mentors.
Използвайки всички активи, инструменти, ресурси и знания на Primo+, можете да развиете собствен екип с асистенти и брокери. Най-хубавото – винаги ще има до кого да се допитате във връзка с развитието на бизнеса си, вместо да наемате скъпи треньори и ментори.


The mission of Primo+ Academy is to help for the evolution of every real estate agent, no matter the agency they belong to.

Find video lessons, presentation materials, real cases, advice from proven specialists on the real estate market from around the world.

Brokers’ Stories

Momchil Krastev_cut

The reason a person to work with us is that we don't make promises and we don't sell dreams. We offer a platform for building knowledge, productivity and income. I have income comparing with the income of a senior programmer in Bulgaria from 3-4 years, and I still have flexible working hours and I am continuing to expand my mindset and even after 7 years I still can count on the support of Shtelyan, Georgi and my colleagues.


Years in the company
Ely Pencheva_new_cut

In Primo+ Real Estate I was amazed by the special treatment for the clients and the professional relations between the managers, the administration and the brokers. Of importance is the personal development of everyone in the team and this explains the achieved high standards of customer service.


Years in the company
Veronika Atanasova_cut

Shtelyan's lecture in UNWE impressed me and I wanted to traineeship in Primo+, At this lecture I heard about basic things which I have always wanted to find in my working environment. When I started my traineeship I saw that it isn't just words and everything is happening practically. Every team member is always ready to give you helpful advice. The personal development and the fact that we always work to reach the next level is very important for me. The most impressive thing is that we don't work 'each to his own', and everyone is working for the team!


Years in the company